Google bans cryptocurrency mining apps from Play Store

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Google has taken an audacious step to ban cryptocurrency mining Apps from its Play Store. This is following the step taken by Apple. Apple had banned cryptocurrency apps from Apple Store some time ago.

Its latest company development policy is written conspicuously: "We don't allow apps that mine crypto-currency on devices."

Before this time, the tech giant had in the past banned extensions on its Chrome browser that are used for crypto-currency mining.

This move has forced banks and tech companies to come to terms with the practicability of crypto-currencies.

The ban does not affect all other software that is used in mining virtual cash. Google, just like Apple, said it would allow people to continuously make apps that will enable them to manage mining as it is being done elsewhere just like on cloud computing platforms.


Mining, as it relates to virtual currencies has become a profitable business in recent years. This is due to the astronomical rises in the evaluations of established and new coins. The process of mining frequently requires enormous amounts of processing power if it has to be done very rapidly.

Mining is key to the operation of many crypto-currency systems because it is the major way that the distributed computer systems keep a tab on who has spent what or transferred which coin. Usually, those maintaining this log of transactions always get rewarded with new coins.

There are groups that are well known for building a wide network of crypto-currency "mines", using thousands of computers that make digital currencies business to flourish rapidly.

Usually, when mining is done on smartphones, there is a risk that the smartphone will overheat as a result of intense processing. The mining processing can also quickly drain batteries.

Some malware criminals, especially from Russia, have also moved to adopt crypto-currency mining. Many unprotected websites are prone to mining. These gangs insert malicious codes on many websites in order to use the visitors' computers to generate the cash.

The restrictions on cryptocurrency mining are one of the several changes Google has added to its developer policies.

The company went a step further to restrict apps that deal with the sale of guns, ammunition and explosives.

Google also cautioned that it won’t hesitate to remove apps that just copy other programs on the Play Store and add no value.

Many have applauded this move because it will reduce a lot of fraud that is perpetrated through crypto-mining.

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