HTC U12+ Teardown Review

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HTC officially launched its new flagship HTC U12+ few months back. This smartphone is designed with 6 – inch 2K super LCD, with long lasting battery life. However, HTC U12+ is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and its graphics give the phone an edge among its competitors.
The fundamental issue is how to tear down HTC U12+ smartphone. However, there are steps that must be followed to achieve this; these steps are listed below.

Step one
Before one starts tearing down HTC U12+, first remove the SIM card tray. Then, heat is applied at the phone’s back cover for some minutes, afterward sucker is used to separate the back cover from the phone body. In case the glass on the back of the phone gets damaged, heat is also applied to the back cover, then use a plastic clip to widen the slot.


Step two
The phone connector should be taken out of the fingerprint reader cable with a plastic insulated pry. However, the internal design is the same with the variant of the semi-transparent back cover. The connector of three antenna lines with LDS process and contacts designed on the back plate of the phone for bridging connection of NFC antenna, earphone and antenna line to the motherboard should be remove.

Step three
Remove the rear main cameras and also remove the two shield covering the front of the motherboard, then the three main chips of the radio frequency circuit covered with thermal grease can be seen. Thereafter, remove the two shield covers on the back of the motherboard. The 6GB memory chip from SK Hynix, with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip piled together is covered with white conductive material and 128GB ROM from Samsung is covered with gray conductive material.

Step four
There is a metal that supports the front cameras. Remove the screws used to fix the metal support of the camera, which is easy to remove the dual camera setup on the front of the phone.

Step five
When the tear down on the top part of the phone is finished, then remove the screws at the bottom. However, this component gives the smartphone a linear vibrator which comes from Sony XZ2 features. The loudspeaker from the phone body should be remove. However, there are many white particles which is AAC’s proprietary technology in the back of the loudspeaker which can be seen, this technology helps to improve the phone’s low frequency performance when playing music.


After the tear down, It is observed that the phone data port meet the type – C standard with independent design. The data port is connected to the vice board at the bottom of the phone by the cable. It is also observed that the battery is made by ATL, which has the capacity of about 3500mAh, 13.47Wh. Lastly, the phone component and sealing performance have reached a higher level but the phone fail to support wireless charging.

HTC U12+ smartphone has a waterproof level of about IP68, which makes the tear down process difficult. These include removing the back cover which is tightly fixed by double-sided adhesive. There are three stages design which the phone’s internal structure adopts. HTC U12+ smartphone uses 15 screws due to the high integration of its components. Finally, due to the difficulty encounter and the complex nature of the smartphone, it is not recommended to tear down HTC U12 by yourself because if not carefully done, the smartphone might get damaged.
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