Review of Dell XPS 13 9370 (2018) flagship

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You can't just help but adore Dell products, having so much sleek class, with its beautifully nearly border-less display and light weight. Now in the market this year is  Dell XPS 13 9370 (2018) flagship with a new design, slimmer dimension and an alluring white and gold color scheme. How I love gold... It also offers an optional 4k display, a good Webcam, a cooling system that promises a stronger performance and support for eGPUs.


CPU                                                               Intel core i7-8550U

Operating system                                                   Windows 10

RAM                                                                                        8GB

RAM upgradable

to                                                                                           16GB

Hard Drive size.                                                       256GB SSD

Hard Drive Type                                                                   SSD

Display size                                                                           13.3

Highest Available

      Resolution.                                                           3840x2160

Graphics card.                                      Intel UHD Graphics 620

Wi-Fi.                                                               802.11a/b/g/n/ac

Wi-Fi Model.                                   Killer 1535 wireless AC 2x2

TouchPad size.                                                    4.1x2.3 inches

Weight                                                                       2.65 pounds 

Battery                                                             over 8 hours


The new Dell XPS 13 9370 has a colour that defines royalty, a gold and white colour scheme, along with a slightly slimmer and lighter shape. The XPS 13 9370 also has variety of black, and white silver colours. Although it cost about 899$. As for me, I like the white colour because it's absolutely stunning to me. The lid and bottom are made from gold coloured aluminum, while the white sides and deck are fashioned from woven crystalline silica fiber. The decks - weave like texture has this elegance.  Also, no matter the kind of colour you do choose, the fact is this; the XPS 13 is a little bit slimmer and lighter than its predecessors (thank God, like for me I do hate carrying heavy laptops). The Dell XPS 13 9370 has this reputation of housing a 13-inch laptop in an 11-inch body, it seems like a notebook that is more than 3mm slimmer at roughly 11.6mm in thickness, and just weighing 1.2 kg!  The XPS 13 9370 bezels are 23percent thinner than the almost non-existent borders of the XPS 7360, and that's because there's totally no border around the top and sides of the screen, it's images just seem to be clearer and pop out more. And lest I forget, there are also two varieties in terms of screen display; there is the (4k, Ultra HD) touchscreen and the non-touchscreen. The touchscreen's resolution is 3840x2160, while the non-touchscreen’s resolution is 1920x1080. They both also spread from edge to edge with minimal size bezels. You just have to expect sharp images,  and amazing colour reproduction, there is also a "cinema type" technology included that improves colours, delivers deeper black and with its integrated Intel UHD 620 GPU you can enjoy light video editing or playing some games at low settings.

Dell XPS 13 9370


The XPS 13(2018) has got a robust performance, coming with an Intel core i7 processor and also adding to it, is its quad core chip belonging to the latest 8th generation. The processor also gets a backing from up to 16GB of RAM. There is also a 1TB of SSD available. So this just means when your surfing the web, light gaming, or writing articles and reviews like I am, you can just expect the XPS 13 9370 to handle all these operations in the most effective manner.

Using the Dells power manager App, you can adjust the laptops thermal management to deliver an "ultra performance", with warmer temperatures. So in essence, this makes working with the laptop easier, not like the random or common laptops that heat up during intense tasks, thereby slowing their CPUs, the XPS 13 (2018), uses a new thermal setup with dual fans, special thermal insulation and dual heat pipes, this makes it prevents its processor from reducing working operations aggressively as many random laptops do. So you can expect a better power management from the laptop.

With the Dell XPS 13 9370 you just have to expect an above average battery life, and a model with 1080p non touchscreen does lasts several hours longer. The Dell XPS 13 9370 with a 1080p non touchscreen can last up to 12 hours and 37 minutes (and that includes using it to browse the internet), while the model with the 4k display can last up to 8 hours and 53 minutes (also includes using it to browse the internet).

And it's Webcam has moved from the lower left corner of the bezel to the center bottom. Yes, your right, it’s still a nose Cam that looks straight up at you, but this time the lens is centered, making you to make a video call with much better angles. The image quality of XPS 13 (2018), are so good and true, your colours of your shirt would be expected to be its colour, and it tends to reduce the rate of noise at the background.

The XPS 13 9370 also has some basic useful utilities and some bloatware, that makes up its software. There is the Dell power manager that lets you adjust the system settings for maximum performance, coolest skin temperature and a quiet fan noise. While the Dell Help and Support gives tutorials and authorize information’s, and the Dell Support assist; checks system health, helps you download new drivers, and shows configuration information. The system also comes with its fair share of bloatware, there is the McAfee liveSafe and a Dropbox promotion, which gives new users 20GB of free space for a year.


Dell XPS 13 9370

So if you demand the longest possible endurance or you can't just live without a USB Type -A port, then you just have to consider using the Dell XPS 13 9370, in which I do think well enough that, Dell would continue to sell in the foreseeable future. It's got it all, performance, portability and its alluring aesthetics.

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