Rumours about iPhone 9, release date and specifications

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Rumors about iPhone 9, release date and  specifications   started last month. The most recent news in town about iPhone 9 release seems to suggest that Apple may be facing some delays on one of its three new iPhones.

It is rumored that iPhone 9 will come with 6.1 inch LCD. There is also the possibility that the phone maker may not meet up with the September release date for the new iPhones. The delay is caused by lack of components being made available due to "backlight leakage" during production. Choosing a date in October for the launch is now very imminent.

iPhone 9

Apple must be making a contingency plan so that if the launch fails in September; then, an October date should make it. However, there is a huge possibility that the delay may affect the fortunes iPhone 9 if the launch fails. This won't be palatable at all both on the side of the phone maker and users.

iPhone 9: All you need to know

Following Apple’s release schedule, the phone is expected to be released around September 2018. While this is still in the realm of speculation, many industry watchers have opined that the September launch may still be possible if Apple can get over the component issues the company is facing right now. They agreed that Apple hardly falters on release date since the inception of the company.

As a matter of fact, Apple has, for the past five years, always announced and released a new iPhone at its keynote conference every September.

So, judging from the previous iPhone release schedules, this is how everything should go if all hands are on deck. This is based on their antecedents.

Below are the schedules the company, itself, rolled out:

11 September 2018: The announcement of iPhone 9 at the Apple Autumn keynote

14 September 2018: iPhone 9 pre-order starts

21 September 2018: iPhone 9 officially goes on sale

It is hoped that the company will not fail to deliver on these schedules. It will be an anomaly if expectant users and industry watchers are disappointed.

A failure, won’t speak well for the image of the company.


It is expected that iPhone 9 will go for between $600 to $700.

Design and Features

The smartphone will come in aluminium construction and will have a 6.1inch LCD screen. This will be an upgrade on the iPhone 8, which has a 4.7inch display.

iPhone 9 Camera

It expected that the phone will come with just a single camera; and not a dual camera.
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