Tech Giant Google Storms the UK Job Market

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Tech Giant Google has acquired many UK's top recruitment agencies. This is in a bid to create a local medium of its job-seeking device.

 Some of them include Haymarket,, Guardian Jobs, Reed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc.

Google is undoubtedly a search engine giant. It is the No1 link to anything and everything on the internet. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of these recruitment agencies want to be part of this program. 

People can now Google Search to get the most recent and more pertinent terms. This feat is quite remarkable and one hopes that this feature shall ease job search. However, there are fears that this development may not be the beacon of hope it is thought to be.

Fears as Tech Giant Google storms the UK market

At the moment, Google is not charging any fee for employment agencies to place their job listings on google. However, experts fear that everything might change in the future. Google is notorious for offering services for free and monetizing it after a period of time.

However, the stakes shall change in the future when it adds monetary value to these services. Other untrusted sites might tend to place Ads which Google will always welcome. This can be very unhealthy.      

Predicted Advantages

This new service introduced in the Uk has been in operations in the US, Spain and some African countries. Google has always made claims that this service has been efficacious and many people have been placed to jobs through this medium. In the same vein, Google has made partnerships with relatively smaller companies who share the same employment dream.

Figuring out the unique advantages this job partnership has is easy. Prior to this, many applicants had to surf through many websites to check out job opportunities and that isn't data-friendly. However, Google has expelled such rigors. Relevant job opportunities can now be searched for one a single website.   

Furthermore, the site supports keyword search. This means that one can narrow one's search to one's interest rather than scan through many job postings.

It is quite important to point out that the biggest job agency in the UK is Indeed and this can be a stumbling block for Google. Unfortunately, there's an undue advantage for Google to undermine Indeed's dominance because it is the most-used search engine. This means that Indeed cannot appear as one of the top search results on Google.

It is unclear if Google can usurp Indeed or if Indeed shall maintain a strong resistance. Only time will tell.

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