Tips And Tricks For Using Google Mapping Service On Your Smartphone

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Where would we have been without Google Maps? Well, we would probably be here, however the time duration to be here, might have been longer. Google mapping service has changed the way we travel and live our lives, and with some top tips, you can get much more from your Google maps. Below are some favorite Google Maps tricks and tips.

Discover popular places in cities using Google Mapping service

Maybe you have noticed certain bright orange/beige highlighted areas within the Google Maps, but do you really know what they are meant for? It is easy! They display popular areas within cities (areas with a high concentration or number of people). In most scenarios these areas are populated with shops, bars, and restaurants. This assist you to easily filter out those areas that might be interesting to visit.

Become a local guide.

Google Mapping service can as well show you reviews, opening times, and photos of various restaurants and shops. These are not just the official entries from restaurant and shop owners, however these are entries from the Google maps user’s myriad. Google depends on the help of various volunteers and have developed the Local Guide program for encouraging and rewarding contributing users.

Explore through your timeline.

If your location services is enabled and you make use of the Google mapping service, Google will know everything about all your recent movements. If you would want to trace yourself, then look at the "Explore your timeline" feature that shows you where you have been and the pictures you have taken at a particular location (if they have been geotagged and uploaded into Google Photos).
The data is accumulated from your personal movement profile (which requires activation, in most cases, this is carried out during phone setup) and also the geotagged data derived from your photos. This is a slightly creepy function from Google Maps, but nevertheless it is still quite very useful.

See it in Street View.

Street View has not disappeared in the Google Maps application. To see the Google Maps Street View, search for a particular location. Above the search bar with the location's rating and name, there will be a tiny rectangular window with a circular arrow and an image. Press on it to load up the Google Maps Street View.

Google mapping service enables a “use your voice” command.

The Google mapping service goes beyond merely tapping the screen to get things done. Whenever you are navigating you can also control Google Maps using your voice. Just tap on the microphone icon and use certain voice commands such as:
• Turn off voice
• Turn on voice
• Unmute
• Mute
• Be quiet
• Next turn
• Show other routes
• What is my ETA?
• How much longer before my next turn?

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