Lenovo Watch 9 Review

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Lenovo is working restlessly to be among the leading tech manufacturers in the globe. It has expanded from been a laptop manufacturer to smart tech manufacturer. Thereby, competing favorably with other top smart-tech manufacturers. However, the latest smart-tech manufactured by Lenovo is Lenovo Watch 9. Watch 9 is a hybrid watch that is designed to support several  intelligent features though it is seen as a regular watch.



Lenovo Watch 9 is designed with sapphire mirror glass which has a good light transmission and it hardness is about 9H. However, watch 9 chassis is made of stainless steel which has a painted black color, and the dial diameter is about 40mm with two plastic protective films on the dial. Watch 9 thickness is measured up to 11.2mm, but the thickness is observed to thicker than the regular mechanical watch.

The smart-watch strap is made of silicone material, which is compatible with the skin and has a depressing dot decoration, but the gray is too easy to get rid of.

Fine bump particles are observed at the inner side of the silicone strap which is compatible with the skin. However, the smart-watch strap can be adjusted to match your wrist size.

Lenovo Watch 9



The smartwatch is designed with Bluetooth with LED indicator light at the spot of 12. o’clock scale. However, the blinking of the LED light indicates Bluetooth connection. It is designed with a regular resetting button.

Lenovo Watch 9



Lenovo Watch 9 is designed with recess at the opposite of the dial to ensure battery replacement when necessary.

In addition, the smart-watch is neatly packaged with a box carrying the brand logo on the upper left side while the center bears the product name. Also, the information about the smart-watch and the manufacturer is printed on the opposite side of the box. Inside the box is the product itself and the user manual. However, the smart-watch is firmly place to avoid damage during shipping. On the back of the manual is the QR code, it is basically for searching and installation of the corresponding app. The installation of this app grant access to the smart-watch functions.

Lenovo Watch 9



The smart-watch comes with an app that must be download and install to gain access to the smart-watch functions. When the app is successfully installed and launched, you are required to fill some information which includes; your nickname, gender, birthday, height, weight, etc.

Upon completion of the required information, the smart-watch main interface is reviewed. However, the interface has four sections, the first two sections show the number of steps and the sleep monitoring option; the third is the remote camera, alarm, and heart rate options; and the fourth is the connection status.

Lenovo Watch 9 camera image is blurred. Moreover, the remote camera function is designed with a software bug.  Lenovo Watch 9 can estimate the heart rate using the principle of heart rate estimation of the Lenovo Watch 9.

There are other features of Lenovo Watch 9 which includes; the reminder, prompt incoming calls and short messages personal preferences, and a do-not-disturb mode. During the night hours, the current time can be viewed due to the luminous coating of the hour and minute hands of Lenovo Watch 9.


Lenovo Watch 9 is a smart watch designed to meet the needs of the modern world. The smart watch comes with great features and more surprising can estimate the heart rate. Despite the blurred image, the Lenovo Watch 9 is considered to be one of the best smart-watches in the globe today.

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