USB wall charger that works as a hidden home security camera

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This USB wall charger is like no other. For some good reasons, hidden cameras have over the years helped to change the home security architecture.  But there is a need to have an object that is common which can be found around the home that would not raise any suspicions.

Just a few objects are a lot more common than the USB wall charger. This is what actually makes the Wi-Fi USB hidden camera wall charger with night vision so extraordinary. The hidden camera just goes for a paltry $58.

Whether you are planning to use this 2-in-1 device for home security or you just want to use it for spying, this modest camera allows you to monitor everywhere within your home from your wall outlet. Just plug it in, connect to WiFi, and you will be able to keep an eye on your room from your phone, tablet, or computer from anywhere that you are.

It looks like a typical cube-shaped USB wall charger but does the work that every other camera does. With 1080p camera resolution, the picture quality is so superb and vivid.

With the choice of having recording start from the moment motion is detected in your home, the hidden camera is bound to revolutionize home security in many places where obvious pointing cameras are used. It becomes a lot more impressive with night-vision technology meaning that you will always be on the alert even at night. That means all day long security coverage.

Another great aspect of the camera is that you won’t have to bother about searching through many outdated and unimportant footage of the recordings of the captured activities by the camera. This is because there is an automatic cycle recording that automatically replaces the old recordings with the new ones. This setting will help you to save a lot of time and memory card space.

This covert device at the same time also serves as an actual wall charger which means you will have to keep your devices powered up as well. This is a powerful innovation that will transform the camera security business in a great way.

The USB wall charger is both day and night security device. So, if you are not really keen on night security, the device will do its job creditably during the day.

This has become a cost-effective way to have your home secured with fewer hassles.



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