Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop Review

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Xiaomi has expanded their scope of business from smartphone manufacturer to laptop manufacturer. However, after launching its first laptop one and half year ago, the latest laptop product from them is Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop. This Xiaomi Mi Gaming laptop is manufactured to ease the need of gamers in-search of a better gaming laptop with good performance. The specifications of Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop is as shown below.


Screen – 15.6-inch 1920 X 1080 60Hz IPS screen

Processor – Intel Core i7 – 7700HQ (2.8GHz, 6M Cache, up to 3.8 GHz)

Graphics – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 60GB and Intel HD Graphics 630

Memory – 16GB DDR4 2400MHz dual channel

Storage – 256GB Samsung PM961 PCI-E NVMe M.2 SSD plus 1TB HDD

Connectivity – Intel 8265AC plus Bluetooth 4.1

Ports – 4 X USB 3.0, 1 X Type-C, 1 X HDMI 2.0 port, RJ45 jack, SD, 3.5mm jack

Battery – 55 Wh (duration 5-6 hours)

Operating System – Windows 10

Weight – 2.75kg


Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop is designed with black and grey colours, but there is no Xiaomi’s logo on the cover of the laptop. The laptop is also built with two fans and four vents to ensure excellent heat dissipation. However, this laptop has a screen size of about 15.6-inch IPS with the resolution of 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels, the laptop’s screen bezels thickness on the left and right side of the laptop is about 9.9mm.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop

The laptop screen NTSC colour gamut covers about 70% and has a brightness of about 296nit. This features shows that the laptop screen has an excellent performance. In addition, it keyboard has simple design to give users the much needed comfortable touch and the keyboard has 1.88mm key travel plus good rebound, but the laptop does not come with a keyboard that supports RGB back-lit, meanwhile the large size touchpad is designed to provide excellent users experience, though the laptop touchpad has relatively low utilization.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop


The laptop is also designed with 4 X USB 3.0 Type-A ports, 2-in-1 earphone port, and a reserved microphone port for games. The laptop is designed with inlet grille that covered the whole back cover to provide excellent ventilation but there is no dust mesh design to prevent dust from entering the grille area.
The laptop run on Windows 10 and Office 2016, also the laptop adopts Dolby Atmos sound system, and it comes with two 2w loudspeakers to give an excellent volume and sound effect.
The gaming laptop has a good graphics card performance which is NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics card with a boast of 1280 CUDA cores and 6GB GDDR5 memory.

Game Performance
The laptop was tested to ascertain the level of performance when playing games, and it was observed that the laptop easily handle high definition games with excellent graphics and background. However, the highest temperature for the laptop is about 54 degrees which is observed in the middle of the keyboard.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop


The laptop has a superb heat dissipation but there should be an improvement in the area of the keyboard heat insulation. The frequency of the CPU is about 2.85GHz, which means that it has good performance.
In addition, it is very easy to tear down Xiaoma Mi Gaming Laptop. However, you are only required to remove all the screws and then remove the back cover of the laptop. The laptop is designed with two metal fans and four vents.
Xiaomi Mi gaming laptop is designed to give gamers an excellent platform for playing any type of game. Despite the fact that its limitations involve low batter lifespan and been powered by Intel’s eighth – generation Core processor, the gaming laptop is designed with an excellent gaming performance and superb heat dissipation effect. Finally, Xiaomi Mi gaming laptop is recommendable for gamers looking for a laptop that can handle high definition games.
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