check this 3D Printed Nera electric Motorcycle which looks like something from TRON

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A new video uploaded by BBC have shown an electric motorcycle called the NERA. The motorcycle looks like something that was gotten from a stylized video game. It looks like a “TRON” design which is almost 100 percent 3D print.

According to the CEO of Nera maker BigRep, Stephan Beyer “the idea is to show designers, engineers and architects and the general consumer what 3D printing is all about”. “Historically, engineers and designers are used to manufacturing technologies like grinding and molding”.

According to BBC, The Nera will be sold for $2000 but you cannot buy it for now.  BBC also revealed that Nera is the first electric motorcycle that is 3D printed in the world.  – but there has been a separate project called the Light rider which have come first before.

The Nera comes with a unique design, a futuristic angle and it came with a polygon which looks unique for the staid world of automobile design. According to the CEO, those unique designs was made possible with the opportunities created by the 3D printing.

The CEO was quoted by BBC saying “the good thing about 3D printing is that you can swipe those limitations away and you can create objects that have completely new capabilities, follow completely new sets of design”. “for example, the bikes outer hull that follows a design that we created that you would typically not be able to bring to life with a traditional bike”.

What do you think about the bike?

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