Meizu confirms that it is not Launching the Meizu Note 9 on February 14

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As we await the Meizu event scheduled to hold on Thursday 14th of February. Meizu have again released another teaser poster. But this time, it might not be what fans expected. The company confirmed through the latest teaser poster that it is not the anticipated Meizu Note 9 that they are launching on February 20.

The new teaser which is just like the yesterday own showed the silhouette of a phone but it only revealed the rear. Looking at the picture, we can see that the phone has dual cameras positioned in the middle and arranged vertically while the LED flash sits below it.

Meizu Note 9

But the images that was revealed by TENAA showed that it is not the device above. There is a rear mounted finger print scanner with its dual camera on the far left.  This revelation means that the device above can either be one of the Meizu 16 series or the Meizu Zero. But since the later was unveiled few weeks ago, we don’t think that it is getting another launch.

Rumors are already spreading online that what ever that Meizu is going to be launching will relate to the Meizu 16 series (likely a new color variant). We hope to hear more about the device during the event.

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