Oppo R19 will not come out this year - Oppo VP confirms

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Many people have thought that the Oppo R19 will be coming with thin bezels and pop – up camera but with UD finger print scanner and more powerful internals. This is coming few days after the company released a teaser post displaying a super thin bezel and a pop-up camera on their upcoming F11 Pro. Most people believed that Oppo R19 will have similar specifications. Well, this will no longer happen this year. A post on Weibo by Brian Shen, Oppo Vice President and the domestic division leader of the company have revealed that there will be no Oppo R19 soon.

Shen revealed in a series of replies on the Chinese social network that elevating mechanism for selfies would be moved to emerging markets. With that, it means that Oppo F11 will be unveiled on the Asian Pacific region where the company have a huge market presence and we believe that from there, it will arrive at few markets in African like; Kenya, Morocco and the Gulf Region.

Oppo R19


We know that Oppo is already working on there 5G smartphone and they have a prototype so far. But according to Shen, folding screens does not add any “additional value”. Even at that, the company will be unveiling there foldable 5G smartphone very soon and it might likely be named Oppo Find Z.

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