Samsung confirms Galaxy S10e name officially through there French website

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Samsung S10 is one of the top flagships that we are expecting this year. The device will come in three variants – Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10e. There have been series of rumors surrounding the device.  There were massive leaks about the flagship yesterday. Even at that, there is still few things that are uncertain about the flagship. One of those things is the price of the Samsung budget device. Samsung have revealed in their French official website that the device will be called the Galaxy S10e with the small letter “e”.

Samsung Galaxy  S10e

The name of the three variants of the Samsung Galaxy S10 was displayed on the landing page of the French website. The website did not reveal further information about the various variant of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

The site did not also reveal any information concerning the fourth 5G model but we think that it will likely come out later in the year. Also, the Samsung foldable device was not listed in the site which makes us believe that it will be among the different line up that we are to expect soon.

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