Top 5 heated Motorbike Gloves that you can buy

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Most people don’t like using their motorbike during the winter because of cold. Sometimes it is tempting to use your motorbike at such weather condition. But you can still use your motorbike whenever the sky is clear and the roads are dry. There are now better motorbike gloves that have been manufactured which you can use and feel comfortable. These modern gloves are designed with modern technology and with advanced battery design which can help to keep your digits toasty.

Below are our top 5 Motorbike gloves that you can buy;

 Gerbing XRS12 heated gloves

Motorbike gloves

Gerbing have been able to give their popular X12 glove the short-cuff treatment and dubbed it the XRS12. The glove are now every easy to slip inside your jacket sleeve, with less stress. The glove has a battery connector and controller with four settings. At  sub - zero temperatures, the hottest setting can be two hot with the first or second highest setting been more preferable.

The gloves are well warm, windproof, waterproof and the fleece lining is plush and comfy. They are well-made quality product with a reasonable price tag. The heating elements also come with a lifetime warranty, which is a great news for buyers. It is one of the best motorbike gloves. You can get the glove for $151.98 in online stores.

Five HG - 1 heated gloves

Motorbike gloves

The Five HG - 1 heated glove is one of the best because of its quality and many have testified about how they feel relaxed when using the glove. It has one of the highest heat setting. Micheal Guy, the MCN Sports Editor once said “I thought that my hands will be toasty when I started using the heated gloves five years ago, but from my experience, the reverse was the case.

Instead of having hot hands, I discovered that the heated gloves stopped them from getting overly cold. They make you feel comfortable. They are fully waterproof and very easy to operate with a single button- thereby allowing you to choose one of the three heat settings. Once I move it to the highest heat setting, it will last for enough to complete my 2.5 – hour daily commute. The glove is sold for $229.99 online and you can get it in online stores.

Keis G501 heated gloves

Motorbike gloves

The Keis G501 heated glove can use a Thinsulate and Hipora layer for protection from rain and wind and can be powered by Keis batteries or a 12V supply from your bike.

It has a hard knuckle armour and comes with a nylon and leather construction to keep your hand safe from any crash. For heated kit, the Keis G501  are good looking glove that you can buy. It is sold for $188.99 in online stores.

Exo2 Stormguard heated gloves

Motorbike gloves

The Exo2 Stormguard heated glove is well known for its ability to run power from the bike or from the Exo2 Stormchaser jacket. RiDE Magazine once gave the Exo2 heated glove there coveted “BEST AWARD” after reviewing the glove. According to RiDE Magazine, the Exo2 comes with proper knuckle protector and secures wrist adjuster warm up fast and are one of the warmest around – heating evenly across fingers, palms and the back of the hand. It is the Cheapest glove from the list which make them a great option for buyers.It is sold around $69.98 in online stores

RST Paragon Thermotech heated gloves

Motorbike gloves

The RST Paragon heated glove are very quick to heat up, powerful and very comfortable to wear. It is easy to operate because the three settings are selected using a single button on the back.

The cuffs of this glove is too chunky to wear inside your jacket sleeves, but the ergonomic pull-type fastener keeps all but the worst of the rain out, and even then, the water doesn't make it past the wrist.

In some conditions, the highest setting might be good enough to keep your hands comfortable, rather than warm, but above freezing conditions, you can quickly get away with the lower settings which also lead to the battery life been increased.That is the reason why RST Paragon Thermotech heated gloves is a great option for you. The glove is sold for $189.99 in online stores.

These are our top 5 motorbike gloves . What do you think about them?

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