Volvo set to recall over 167,000 cars worldwide because of issues on tailgate

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A recent fault that Volvo discovered in their cars will lead to the recalling of over 150,000 cars worldwide. This is according to a statement from the company. The cars that will be recalled include; 13,000 XC60 SUVs in the UK, 23,500 in China and over 13,000 in Sweden which is the company’s native home.

A spokesperson of Volvo told City A.M that an investigation conducted by Volvo revealed that the tailgate lifting arms on XC 60 models built within 2018 and 2019 might stop working at certain conditions in freezing temperatures.


If such thing happens, it might lead to noise or loss of function when operating the tailgate, with a big risk of separation of the tailgate lifting arms.

If you can recall, you will see that Volvo was forced to recall over 200,000 cars worldwide some weeks ago including 31,000 in UK because of fears that there is a fuel leakage into the engine.

According to the company, this recall will be a voluntary recall because the company does not compromise on safety on its customers and also to prevent future problems.
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