Xiaomi M1 9 is designed by Mi Liu, the man that designed the Mi 6

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Xiaomi’s product director Wang Teng Thomas have revealed that it is the same person that designed the Mi 6 that also designed the Mi 9. With this revelation , it shows that the next flagship will still focus more on design than it did with the Mi 8. Mi Liu designed the Mi6

Mi 9


Mi 6 was Xiaomi’s best looking flagship with a lot of nice features like the  seamless mirror finish, the quad curved glass and its Blue and Gold paint job.

We expect the Mi 9 to be unveiled soon since we have seen the official renders of the device. The device is expected to come with triple camera including 48MP main camera . It is also expected to come with the latest snapdragon 855 chipset with support for fast charging.

It seems that the company will wait until after the MWC event before the they can launch the flagship.

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